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Many of you may or may not know that I am in the midst of a transition:   retiring from a 30+ year in IT so I can focus on educating others on the many, beautiful healing benefits of Aromatherapy.   It’s a transition that will occur on June 16th 2015 and I couldn’t be more excited and feeling a genuine sense of peace with my decision.   That being said, there’s a lot to do in the interim!

iStock_000019732372LargeAfter June 16, I will begin using this forum much more to keep you updated on new & exciting research, products and developments in the ever-changing world of Aromatherapy!    I will also be publishing a monthly Newsletter which will begin at the end of June.     I promise not to bombard your inbox with too many newsletters and the information will be closely tied in to our workshops at Mercy and will include other ways you can use essential oils to promote better health & wellness for you, your family and friends.

Coming in JULY 2015 (if not before) I will also be launching a series of short, online webinars.  Each video which will contain 5-10 minutes worth of information on Blending for Health recipes, product reviews, essential oil education and thoughts, ideas and suggestions on specific issues.    I think you’ll enjoy them and I hope they can bring healing…spiritually, physically, mentally or emotionally.

THAT is what this is about for me…healing, education and the safe & effective use of essential oils to facilitate it all!

Here’s to exciting things to come!





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