Essential Oils for Animals – Are They Safe & Effective?

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One of the questions I’m asked most is: “What essential oils can I use for my pets?”  It’s a question I’ve struggled to answer, in the past because the answer wasn’t an easy one…until recently.

One of the things I talk about all the time in my workshops and at events is the importance of trusting your source of essential oils.   That means you have to ask questions, do your own research and be an advocate for yourself…and your pet.    Pets have different conditions and issues, thus recommendations for animals vs. people can be quite different.   And confusing!

animalEOLogo animalEOLogoThat leads me to telling you about my most trusted source for essential Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM and her company, animalEO.   Dr. Shelton has  spent years researching the impact essential oils can have on pets.  After researching and using essential oils from another source, she became frustrated and concerned about the lack of consistency when it came to both quality and the safe and effective use of essential oils for animals.   So, she started her own essential oil company specifically devoted to the safe & effective use of essential oils for animals and she calls her company:  animalEO.

Not only is Dr. Shelton a highly regarded and recognized Integrative and Holistic Veterinarian.  She is also a master when it comes to creating safe & effective blends for animals and their specific needs and conditions.   Creating essential oil blends is truly an art because when done correctly, the essential oils within the blends can be even more powerful and effective than the single oils, alone.    Blending is about creating synergy and Dr. Shelton is world-reknowned for her abilities, especially in this area.    Her commitment and focus is on the safe & effective use of essential oils for animals so she personally tests all the essential oils used in her blends (she also offers single essential oils) and she has developed amazing & effective blends for all animals:  horses, dogs, cats, elephants, chickens, rats, ferrets and, well you get the picture!

I’ve been using animalEO oils with my own animals since Dr. Sheltond founded animalEO and the results have been amazing.   If you’re looking for essential oils that can safely and effectively be used with YOUR animals, please visit animalEO online.   Not only is there a substantial amount of information on the site about essential oils (more science/evidence based info than you will find anywhere else), Dr. Shelton shares her advice on the importance of nutrition, exercise and so much more.  On her website, Dr. Shelton discusses dosages for specific animals and conditions.  Dr. Shelton has done her homework and research and she makes

If you follow Dr. Karen Becker / Mercola, you can also find several recent interviews she has done with Dr. Shelton, here:  2015 Interview with Dr. Melissa Shelton, DVM  and Are Essential Oils For Your Pet?  (2016 interview).

It is important to note that I receive no financial compensation for talking about animalEO.   I  believe one of my ‘jobs’ in life is to help good people, find good products and other good people…it’s as simple as that!

Now, when I’m asked if essential oils are SAFE for animals, I have an answer and it’s this:   “animalEO products are“.

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